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A Renewed Need For Real Unbias Access to Information and Citizen Communication

People are getting more polarized in our world than ever before! If you take a look at the political polarization charts in the US, this is made clearer alongside the passing years. It is mainly due to their ever-deepening lack of access to real unbiased information. Be it on social media, on regular mainstream ones, or even on the internet.

Therefore, a real platform giving people at large the opportunity to get a full spectrum of information, political ideas, and unbiased access to the truth of others is needed more than ever to reconnect people from different political and social ranges. And bring back a profoundly lacking, constructive discussion into a world that is being changed by people promoting their ideas and interests to people thinking like them and only them or trying to influence them toward their own goals, ever expending the gaps and incomprehension between neighbors and different groups. That came to seeing anyone not having the same exact set of ideas as alien for the best and crazy for the worst.  

unbiased access to information tackling social issues
Need For Real Citizen to Citizen Communication

The Need for Citizen to Citizen Communication

Speaking about politics and social issues has never been a problem, even though the current trend of media, politics, and influencers have been instilling this notion for years. And following good thinking, politically correct trends like sheep is not how you solve the everyday problems of a country and society.

This is only how a small number of people in leadership positions want everyday citizens to think. If only for the reason that if no one is talking about it, then no one will try to act on it, even though everyone feels like it.

We need to get to a situation where people realize they are not the only ones thinking differently, where they do not feel isolated or out of the politically correct box any longer. In a situation where they realize that most every idea matters and they should discuss them with each other. Where the opinions of others matter and sometimes make more sense than one’s own. A world where not having the exact same view isn’t evil, but suitable for the well being of an individual and for the society as a whole.

The Social Media’s Inherent Problem

A world where everyone comes to realize than they matter and that if they decided to take steps to talk and influence what they really believed in, then even they could manage to realize it. Where the goal isn’t any longer about entrenching people and keeping them in an easy to deal with box separated from each other. But to connect them with a multitude of ideas, approaches to life and politics, societal questions, where they can make their own analysis and understanding of what the truth really is. Where what one person think according to their own point of view won’t be reigned as superior and people will actually see the whole picture with an unbiased mindset.

tackling societal issues through information
tackling societal issues through information

However, the social media works by feeding people with polarized information. And all this is done by having access to different information. That is mostly made on a profit-maximizing business model and therefore feeding everyone with polarized information since it is the one thing that creates the most engagement.

The Need for a Platform Giving Unbiased Access to Information

But a new kind of platform that could be reached by the entire world at large and that instead of trying to change the social behavior of everyone for profit unseeingly would dedicate itself in providing them with all the different spectrum of information available to them. Be it ‘boring’ political theories that no one ever speaks about, the other side of the coin on a faraway war usually only being presented through a defined well-thought media, the latest unbiased and not taking side International Relation analysis or the real effect of the standard technology on the social construct in Democracies. 

A platform that would allow the everyday interested people to express their ideas with others. And where such a thing is no longer the privilege of standard good thinking scholars or the elite politician world. Both sides of the story can be found and, therefore, then and only then decided upon. That would bring back the real side of the truth, the fact that in most of these matters, there is no one and only truth. Bring forth the idea that no-one actually knows better, and maybe, a group of 1000 rightly thinking and having no actual, already entrenched political take might as well get to a better solution than a group of well educated highly political specialists only trying to achieve or stay in power and already part of the system. 

polarization and biased information
political education against biased information

Reconnecting Society Though Access To Information

But for having such a platform, people need to realize that they are the alien and that everyone is entitled to having his own set of ideas that are probably not precisely the same as one’s own. And that even though having dived into the social media platforms and global media system, that will do their best to make you feel you are the world and everyone else you know thinks and acts like you. There is a totally opposite world out there, where people just as you yourself do, believe their ideas are the best, and everyone else they know thinks that way.

Where one understands that just in the same way they see this person is crazy, he probably thinks the same about them. Where one realizes that talking about real things matters no matter what they are. And that it is not because someone doesn’t have the same ideas as he does that he’s right and you’re wrong, or the other way around. And that it is not because you vote one way that it separates you from a neighbor or friend or even a stranger that decided to vote otherwise.

social issues and political polarization
renewed citizen communication

Unbiased Access to Information: Conclusion

Different ideas matter, especially in today’s world. With all the new technologies and exponentially growing polarization going around. And it is more than the time that people realize that if they want to fix things, communication is paramount. And that there might not be only one truth as they are pushed to think and act upon. But that it is of everyone’s responsibility to act upon it and try to get every side of the story or opinion possible. To be open to the other side and to listen. Then and only then will society be free to constructive change and maybe be able to get back to functioning as a whole and not different parts getting along. 

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