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How an Organized Cyber-Attack on Civilian Infrastructures Could Tip the Balance of Power in Traditional Wars?

What would happen in a technologically advanced first world country if a seemingly less technologically advanced nation, was to strike it with a destabilizing cyber-attack before engaging them physically in a traditional open style of warfare?

When Conspiracy Theories Aren’t Conspiracy At All – A COVID Story

Interestingly, all of the aforementioned claims turned out to be true. A high-ranking Israeli officer recently confirmed that first contact has been established with aliens, and that we are indeed kept in the dark about it. WikiLeaks and other declassified sources have established the veracity of the mind control schemes, such as the infamous MK-Ultra. Finally, after becoming a meme and a joke, Alex Jones was vindicated when several peer-reviewed researches tested water sources to find high levels of a chemical called Atrazine, and that even in low doses this substance does in fact cause very adverse effects to amphibians’ gonads.

Abu Sayyaf Dominance or Desperation? Shifting Sands of Terrorism in Mindanao

On August 24, 2020, the Philippines experienced another suicide bombing attack in Jolo amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic. The two-stage attack began with the bombing of an explosive-laden motorcycle beside a military vehicle. Authorities claimed that a Filipino female individual then proceeded towards the bombsite and detonated her suicide vest after a soldier stopped her from entering the cordoned-off area. The attack killed 15 and wounded 75 others. The increased complexity of the attack might hint at the Abu Sayyaf’s desperate attempt to even their odds against the military.

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